Courses: Pre-marital/ Couples/Marriage Counselling Courses

Whether you have just got engaged and looking forward to a lifetime of exciting adventures together, or the issues of everyday life have got in your way, and you have lost sight of your partner, our Short form Counselling courses provide the frameworks and practical tools that ensure you have the methods and the skills to prevent, or overcome difficulties.

The Courses consists of two sessions of 3 hours. Session 1 consists of providing models and how to use them. This allows an individual to analyse self and others, based on sound psychological principles and methods, and determine the factors behind the behaviours that they and others exhibit.

Session 2 consists of providing models and how to use them, so that they are able to apply their knowledge of self and others to situations. This allows an individual to learn how to logically process events and situations, so that desirable outcomes can be obtained and how to communicate what they require from others in an acceptable way that produces the correct results.

The course is an eclectic mix of scientifically proven Psychological models and techniques which are considered to be highly effective in the field of Psychology.

Please note that these courses are not gender biased, culturally biased, or religiously biased. Love has no bounds, and we do not place any on those who wish to attend.