General Courses

CJ Counselling is able to assist with workshops or courses which have been tailor-made to meet your needs. For instance, we can provide customized workshops or courses for organizations, in the area of Employee Assistance Programs. Contact us to discuss your requirements.

Standard Courses Available
CJ Counselling provides standard workshops, which are run ‘on demand’.

The Art of Grieving
Often we are told how we should grieve, or know that we are expected to grieve in a certain way. This course debunks the myths around Grief and Bereavement processes and provides you with useful skills to assist you in processing your grief. Part of the course also involves a grief counseling element, so that you are able to express your grief in a supportive environment. To help you move forward, the course provides a practical element which helps you to revisit your lifestyle and provides advice on the legal processes around the passing of a loved one.

The course consists of 4 sessions, which are two hours long each. The course is run on request, or when a certain number of people would like to attend.

The Science of being YOU
This course is excellent for teenagers and young adults. It helps them to identify the factors that have made them who they are, what they can change about themselves to ensure their mental and physical well-being and provides insight into how this translates into behaviour. They are provided with highly effective psychological methods and tools which allow them to analyse self and others, evaluate themselves and others, and how to communicate effectively and translate this into behaviours that produce positive outcomes.

The course consists of 2 sessions, each of which are 4 hours long. The course is run for individuals and on request when a certain number of people would like to attend.

Anger Management
This course provides skills which assist in anger management. Distress tolerance skills are initially taught, followed by understanding the triggers which evoke anger. The root causes of the individual’s anger are then explored. Skills on how to process thoughts which are related to anger and communicate the emotion of anger effectively and safely are then provided.
The course consists of 2 sessions of 3 hours each, and is run on an individual basis.