Cheryl Johnston

Cheryl holds a counselling registration with the ASCHP as a Holistic Counsellor, and provides Individual Therapy for Teenagers and Adults. An eclectic approach to therapy is used, ensuring that the therapy is shaped to meet your situation. Cheryl believes that therapy is an interactive journey which enables you to find your way in a warm and safe environment.

Experience has been gained working with individuals who have diverse sets of issues, such as Psychosis, Borderline Personality Disorder, Anxiety and Depression related disorders. Some of this experience was gained whilst providing sessions at the Willowrock Psychiatric Centre under the guidance of the managing Clinical Psychologist.

As the Case Manager and the Southern African Representative of the Foltra Foundation in Spain, Cheryl provides access and management of advanced regenerative therapies for those who have suffered any form of Brain Insult, Injury or Neurodegenerative disorder. Using Neurogenesis, cognitive and motor functions can be restored by growing new connections in the brain and repairing damaged ones through non-invasive medical methods. The generation of new stem cells, their differentiation and migration to damaged regions of the brain is done using the endocrine system, thus providing non-invasive stem cell treatment. Join my Facebook page here

Cheryl received her Master of Science, Psychology Degree summa cum laude in 2012 and has focused on Clinical Disorders such as Treatment Resistant Depression, particularly in the areas of Neurogenesis, the physiological aspects of a Clinical disorder and the interaction of physiological factors with emotions and cognition. Her interest in this area began in 2011 when she did a thesis on the prevalence of Depression in people who had suffered from cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disorders and considered the interaction between illness, emotions and cognitive functioning.

With access to many international colleagues across diverse specializations Cheryl has access to the latest research in many areas relating to mental health. Cheryl also collaborates on research and peer reviews scientific articles with specific interests in Neurogenesis, Neuroscience, Clinical and Cognitive Psychology. Cheryl firmly believes that any research done must have a benefit for those who suffer with difficulties, such as Depression, Anxiety, Psychosis and Personality Disorders.

Payment Options

Unfortunately, our Counselling services are not claimable from Medical Aids. Please contact Cheryl Johnston with regards to payment options.